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About Us

Welcome to the Goodfellas Family!

We are home to 6 very talented artists in the industry: Kyiel Cholik, Kevin Greer, Kira Hansen, Lenore G, Corey Smith, Nick and our full time piercer, Michelle. Feel free to browse our portfolios and send us an email for more information.

We love what we do, we love meeting new people, and we hope to get the chance to meet you. Hit us up for some wicked new body modifications!

Artists Wanted

Here at GoodFellas Ink, we pride ourselves on creating top-quality body art while maintaining a professional and friendly environment. We are looking for a talented artist to join the GoodFellas team! We would like to see good ambition to work hard and an artist who can provide exceptional client care and teamwork. We are also searching for an artist who can bring their own unique style with a strong portfolio. You can submit your portfolio and resume using the form below.

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