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  • Remember: A new piercing is an open wound and must be cared for to prevent infection and associated complications.
  • The healthier your lifestyle, the quicker you will heal!
  • Initially you may have some bleeding, swelling/tenderness, redness/discolouration and sometimes bruising.
  • During healing you may have some discolouration, itching, secretions of whitish or yellow fluid (NOT pus) that will form around the entry point of your jewelry.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your piercing.
  • Piercings require 3 daily cleanings with a piercing aftercare spray and/or a saline solution. (for any mouth/lip piercings rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash after eating/drinking/smoking.
  • Avoid hotubs, lakes, pools and soaking in baths.
  • DO NOT use antibiotic/wound cleaning products (hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, Bactine or petroleum-based ointment)
  • DO NOT overclean or play with your piercing during the healing period.. it will just prolong the healing process.
  • Warning signs of infection: prolonged pain, swelling, excessive discharege, severe discolouration or shifting of a piercing. Consult with your piercer or physician right away if you suspect an infection.
  • Leave your bandage on for a minimum of two hours.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your healing tattoo
  • After you remove your bandage, wash your tattoo with mild or antibacterial soap to gently wash away any ointment, blood and/or plasma. Don’t use a washcloth or anything abrasive, just your hand is best. Pat dry with a clean towel or papertowel.
  • After a day, you can start applying lotion as needed. You can use a speciality product such as InkEeze or any unscented lotion such as Lubriderm, Aveeno, etc.
  • It’s okay to get your tattoo wet in the shower- just don’t submerge it in any water for 2-3 weeks. This includes baths, hottubs, swimming pools and lakes/oceans.
    After a few days you’ll notice some peeling and possibly some scabbing, DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo! If it’s itchy gently slap it.
  • Always protect your tattoo from the sun with a minimum 30SPF sunblock.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding aftercare, please give us a call!

Drink lots of water and eat a good meal. Don’t consume alcohol within 24 hours of getting your tattoo, as this causes blood thinning and excessive bleeding during your tattoo.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, we require 48 hours business day notice. If you don’t give us adequate notice and/or miss an appointment, we require a new deposit to rebook. We are reasonable and understanding; as long as we are given the courtesy of notice we are fairly accommodating.

We charge by the hour, not by the piece. The shop rate is $170 per hour ($200 per hour for Kyiel) and a $100 minimum for pieces that take under 40 minutes to complete . 

A $25 supply fee applies to all tattoo appointments. 

We are currently by appointment only due to Covid-19 restrictions, our  front end staff can get you booked in for your next appointment. A non-refundable deposit is required to book an appointment. You can book through our contact page or by emailing us at goodfellas_ink@hotmail.com. Please include your reference photos as well as your sizing/placement details. 

When you come for a consultation, bring in your reference material (ie: photos) with you of what you have in mind. If you bring pictures of other artist’s work as reference, keep in mind we will not duplicate existing work, but we can use it as inspiration to create a tattoo design that is unique to you.
*If emailing photos please include your consultation and/or appointment date along with your name.

Consultations are always free. You can  call or email us on the contact page to book or inquire about a consultation. 

We require a non refundable deposit to book all tattoo appointments. Your deposit is used to save your appointment and comes off the cost of your sitting. Deposits will be considered forfeit in the case of no shows or cancellations that do not follow our cancellation policy. 

A non refundable deposit may also be required for our piercing appointments. This will be upheld at the discretion of our piercer. 

Touch ups are offered by your original artist if needed for a $25 supply fee when completed within 6 months of receiving the tattoo.

Any touch ups completed after the 6 month period or on tattoos not done by our artists will be charged at our regular rates. 



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